Sarah Evans is a licensed massage therapist. She graduated from Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics in May 1998. She went on to receive Pfrimmer certification in June 1998 & certifications in Cranio Sacral levels 1 & 2 through the Upledger Institute in 1999 & 2001.

Sarah is a registered nurse and certified yoga instructor. She loves being outdoors, spending time with family, caring for her horses, practicing and teaching yoga. Being a massage therapist is meaningful to Sarah because of the connection she creates with her clients. She is inspired by the change she sees in the health and wellness of her clients through massage.

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Jessica Holzman is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics in May  2016. She obtained her certifications for Pfrimmer technique levels 1, 2, and Canine, Equine, and Feline in July 2016.

Jessica has completed two levels of Reflexology training by studying the Ingham method through the International Institute of Reflexology in 2015 and 2016, as well as Cranio Sacral level 1 through the Upledger institute in 2019. She recently graduated from Ivy Tech Community College with an Associate's degree in psychology in May 2020, and is enrolled at Indiana University to continue her studies this fall.

Jessica has a passion for learning, and loves all living things. She enjoys spending time outdoors watching her children explore the world, and hopes to someday travel the globe. The positive impact that massage therapy has on her client's mental and physical health is what inspires Jessica to continue learning every day.


I’m Parker Hickey and I offer Reiki sessions (energy therapy). I have been learning Reiki from my Reiki Master grandparents and mother since I was very young and discovered my passion for healing.


I have completed my level 1 and level 2 Reiki training to become a practitioner. I have experienced healing to incredible degrees from Reiki when dealing with anxiety and depression and I wish to help so many others like me who could benefit from Reiki in their lives.


Sarah Evans is literally the best massage therapist I have ever had in my life. My body has never felt better. Thank You Sarah!

-Jennifer Wright

Sarah is the best, I feel lucky to know her!

-Sue Ellison

I have never had a better massage then what Sarah can do. She's the bomb

-Carrie Anne Janes